Sample Chapter from The Best Intentions


Was it silence?

He could hear an odd ringing in his ears, and his body felt as though it was being dragged along the rough ground.

Alex opened his eyes and saw two men above him, and they seemed to be shouting, but he couldn’t hear anything except the persistent ringing.

These men were on the security team.  He didn’t know their names but he recognised their faces as they shouted at each other.

Why were they shouting?

The ground beneath him shook, and both men dropped his arms and fell over him, knocking out his breath.

“Brad”?” he tried to speak, but he heard nothing though he felt his lips move and the vibration in his voice box, but white noise prevailed.

He’d been talking to Brad.  He remembered that much.  But then…what?

The security team got off him, and one of them turned their faces down towards him and spoke.

“I can’t hear,” he spoke, trying to communicate and taking it on faith that they still had hearing.

The man nodded.  He then clasped his hands together, and flowered his fingers apart rapidly, his lips forming a single word; Boom.

Had there been an explosion?

Alex raised his head, instantly dizzy, but he determinedly took in the scene.

Fire. The car had been on fire before. Had that exploded?  The fire seemed more intense now.

Jesus where was Tim?  Alex remembered pulling him from the car.  He’d been unconscious, and bleeding from a head wound, but he’d been alive.

“Tim and Ernie?” he asked, still not hearing his voice, but he didn’t even care about himself right now.

The security man shook his head.

“Oh God are they dead?”

Another head shake.

“Where are they?”

A gesture behind him made his head whip around to the left.  Two prone figures and several paramedics and firefighters were working around them.  A warped sheet of metal seemed to be pinning down a leg.  Whose leg?

Oh God, it wasn’t just pinning the leg, it wasinthe leg.

Cool hands turned his head.

Brad. Handsome as always, but looking worried, and speaking frantically to him.

“I can’t hear.”

He clearly saw Brad relax, but then his eyes strayed to where the emergency workers were busy, and the tension returned, along with an unheard shout of  panic.

Alex watched Brad hurry over to the emergency, and took charge.

Clearly Alex was fine, as far as the lack of necessity for emergency care was concerned, and the security team seemed to realise this as they stopped pinning him down.

Taking their hands, he got to his feet slowly, and nodded his thanks.

Firefighters were tackling the flames, and now that he was upright he saw that the car was in several pieces.

Facing Brad, he watched with horror as the metal was pulled away, and the leg looked oddly disjointed.  Almost too long.

He stepped closer to identify the wounded party, but it wasn’t necessary.  His gut knew.

Because life seemed to be an ongoing shit storm right now, who else could it be but Tim.

Having just buried their father, Tim had stormed off.  At the time Alex had thought his brother in law was guilty of shirking his duty to Christina, but he didn’t deserve this Hellish punishment.

Brad was tightening a tourniquet around Tim’s thigh and giving rapid instructions to the emergency workers who were issuing chest compressions.


Was Tim dying?

No. It couldn’t be.

A greyness began to sap his vision, and he felt his legs buckling under his weight.

This couldn’t happen to Christina.